QL-120X Colour Label Printer

The Kiaro! QL-120X is a digital colour label printer that offers a new standard in colour labelling.  Offer industry’s best eXtended two year warranty, eXtended printhead life and eXtended lifetime benefits.  Delivering high-quality colour labels in-house at a lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, this printer also eliminates the need for costly pre-printed label inventory often required for obsolescence, revisions or regulatory changes.

You’ll love how simple this printer is to use. The QL-120X colour label printer delivers premium 1200 x 1200 dpi colour labels on a as need basis. It also prints labels at widths unmatched by any other label printer in the industry. Label widths can range from 12.7mm (0.5”) to 106.68 (4.2”).

Another benefit to the Kiaro QL-120X Colour Label Printer is its ability to generate both short and long runs (up to 10,000 labels per hour). The QL-120X Label Printer is built for exceptionally flexible production.

Other features also include:

  • Colour Rich 1200 dpi
  • Speeds up to 304 mm (12″) per second
  • Width up to 106.68 mm
  • Gloss, Semi Gloss or matte labels


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The QL-120X is a digital colour label printer that delivers vibrant colourful labels at an exceptionally high speed with supreme quality and durability.  Offering an Industry first two year standard warranty * and low total cost of ownership.

In addition, this printer also features a function-rich Windows operating interface, with fully-integral utility and status monitoring software.  The QL-120X enables users to easily and remotely manage printer setup and operation.

To top things off the QL-120X prints 3 times more labels than the original QL-120.  Achieved by using the new second generation print head technology.  It features four individual snap-in, user replaceable colour print heads for rapid on-site changeover.  Therefore, eliminating downtime and costly refurbishment charges.

High performance, dye based ink provides true to life colours with industry standard ICC Colour profiles.  In other words, eliminating the need for optional RIP Software to tedious colour manipulation in image editing software.  It also has a high level of integration with external labelling and packaging devices through the QL-120 External Control Option.

With a highly efficient ink lay down process, economical ink cartridges and extended life parts, the QL-120X delivers superb 1200 dpi print quality.  Unmatched by any printer in its class, while printing labels at a savings of 35% over pigment based piezo colour labelling technologies.  Therefore, resulting in significant savings over the lifetime of the printer.

Every QL-120X colour label printer also includes one free license to Quicklabel’s advanced Labelling software, CQL Pro.  With this software you will be able to effortlessly design, manage and print your own labels.

The QL-120X Colour Label Printer is ideal for: 

Finally, this printer has been designed for food and beverage, biomedical product, hardware, e-liquid, personal care products, cosmetic, promotional products labelling and more.



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We started with the Kiaro quick label which is the machine to look after medium to high volume label printing providing a great consistent label and print quality. When our needs required a different level of printing added to our production process we added the Trojan T2 Label Press for our medication profile printing, unbelievable quality machine. We used to spend a lot of time and money on quality control for our labels as previous suppliers continuously changed suppliers which was causing all types of issues and additional cost at our end. Metromatics has eliminated this problem for us by supplying us with consistent high quality product, that we can rely on to service our customer every day. I recommend Metromatics to anybody looking for quality printing and labelling solutions.

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