QLS 4100 XE Industrial Label Printer

The QLS-4100XE Industrial Label Printer has been designed for office and factory environments alike.  This industrial Label Printer is also perfect for businesses who require a label printer with software integration and labels with variable information printed within short time frames.

This is because the QLS 4100 XE prints up to 177.8 mm/second in four colour CMYK printing mode.  In addition, this printer allows you to print labels with barcodes, colour codes, logos, graphics, product descriptions, serialising text and prompted fields.

Other features of the QLS 4100 XE Industrial Label Printer include:

  • Prints in 300 dpi
  • Prints speeds up to 177.8 mm (7″) per second
  • Prints a width up to 130 mm
  • Is a 4 Colour Thermal Transfer Printer


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The QLS 4100 XE Industrial Label printer can print colour labels on the factory floor or in the office. This means you can set your printer up in the best possible location to stream line your work load.  In addition, thanks to its economical on-demand printing features, you won’t have to store or waste pre-printed labels.  As a result, saving you time, money and supplies in the long run.

With the QLS 4100 XE you can print labels in-line and on-demand as products are packaged. You can also custom print unique colour codes for different products, barcodes or graphics.

This printer has been designed with a factory setting in mind.  Yet, thanks to its quiet operation and compact size, this printer can also equally suit an office tabletop.

A Low Maintenance Industrial Label Printer

The QLS 4100 XE Industrial Label Printer produces highly durable labels and operates in demanding production environments for many years with little maintenance. This Industrial Label Printer prints an average of 3,000 labels an hour but can also generate over 7,000 labels an hour in spot colour printing mode.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

If system integration is what you’re after then this is the colour label printer for you. This printer comes complete with an automatic applicator to form a true colour label printer-applicator system. Also included is a module called QuickCommand. This feature allows you to receive data from your existing software or enterprise system and print colour labels to any site on your network.

Applications for the QLS 4100 XE Industrial Label Printer

Companies that have successfully integrated the QLS 4100 XE Industrial Label Printer include banks, electronics manufacturers, frozen food companies, hardware suppliers, medical fields, snack and tyre companies.

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