Trojan T2 C Tabletop Digital Press

The Trojan T2-C is the first ever high volume tabletop digital press capable of delivering precision over long runs. This press produces consistent, high-volumes in 24/7 production. This Digital Press will be sure to open new doors in the label printing industry.

Trojan T2 C Tabletop Digital Press features include:

  • Fast print speeds of up to 304.8 mm per second
  • Superior print resolution of up to 1600 dpi
  • Print width 50.8 mm to 223.52 mm
  • Compact footprint – less than 0.37 square metres
  • First tabletop press to operate at the high-volume capacity and precision of a digital press


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The Trojan T2-C is the first ever high volume tabletop digital press capable of delivering precision over long runs. This printer produces consistent, high-volumes of printing over a 24/7 period. This digital press also features remarkably quiet operation. It’s an ideal press for brand owners, print shop owners and smaller label converters looking to add high resolution colour inkjet labels to their portfolio.

Compact Yet Powerful

An additional stand out feature is the Trojan T2-C’s 0.37 square metre footprint. The Trojan T2-C Tabletop Digital Press allows users to generate extremely large runs in a short period of time. It can also print labels in multiples or one large label thanks to its 50.8mm to 223.52mm print width. Additionally, its short web path features allows for precision printing and waste elimination.

Save Money on Ink With the Trojan T2 C Tabletop Digital Press

Worries about Ink Consumption are a thing of the past with the Trojan T2-C . The T2-C features advanced ink sets which print at 50% ink coverage without sacrificing quality. This also means you’ll get an improved production of black (K) with less use of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

A Easy to Use Tabletop Digital Press

To top things off the Trojan T2-C will give owners and users peace of mind with its perfection combination of ease of use, precision, quality and reliability. Additionally, this printer comes complete with a 12 month warranty.

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Metromatics has grown from a small supplier to one of our key suppliers over the past 2 years. Len Ozzimo is the absolute example of what customer service is about and Metromatics has never let us down. When equipment shows any signs of performing under the expectations set in the honest sales process, Metromatics will ensure that the issues get resolved quick and without any fuss. Due to this fabulous level of service and support we have no need to look anywhere else for our printing and label needs.
Paul Mom, Owner, DAA Packing Services

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We started with the Kiaro quick label which is the machine to look after medium to high volume label printing providing a great consistent label and print quality. When our needs required a different level of printing added to our production process we added the Trojan T2 Label Press for our medication profile printing, unbelievable quality machine. We used to spend a lot of time and money on quality control for our labels as previous suppliers continuously changed suppliers which was causing all types of issues and additional cost at our end. Metromatics has eliminated this problem for us by supplying us with consistent high quality product, that we can rely on to service our customer every day. I recommend Metromatics to anybody looking for quality printing and labelling solutions.

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